The Beauty that Awaits Us

Dear friend,

Welcome to, With Love, Jennie – a journey of living & loving wholeheartedly through faith in God. In January 2018, I started my first blog after a year of rediscovering my faith in Christ and truly experiencing Him. My eyes were opened, everything felt new, and so much knowledge, wisdom, and thoughts were continuously running through my mind. So, when I didn’t have someone to always share, talk and discuss these things with, I decided to start my own online journal. Initially, the blog wasn’t entirely focused and would contain general life writing; it was all new and exciting, but as the years went by, my desire to write continued but the posts fell short and each year contained only a handful of posts. However, my writing matured, I continued my personal growth journey on the side, which in turn began to perfect the purpose of my blog.

And so with a new year, comes a renovated blog. With Love, Jennie is a faith-based, Christian blog with a personal touch. I write from experience, from the heart, and with intentionality. As the name of the blog indicates, my writing is always with love. In 2019 I discovered the scary, yet exhilarating world of being vulnerable, being brave to open up and stand in transparency. It takes courage to share raw moments, to show up when it’s easier to blend in. It’s rewarding and beautiful and that’s what I hope you experience through this journey with me. I am appreciative of every one that comes to this site and I want to show God’s love through this blog, I want to challenge you as I share what has also challenged me, I desire to inspire, encourage, and uplift, all through giving glory to God and His name.

Along the way, I’ll write letters, share inspirational quotes, write out Scripture truths, let you in to the resources I love that help me grow my faith, encouragement for everyday life, and most importantly, point to Christ in each moment. As you finish every post, my hope is that you leave in awe of God and feel moved to seek Him and His saving grace in your own life.

I can’t wait for you and I to discover the beauty that awaits us.


With Love, Jennie

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